Thursday, May 20, 2004

I came back to Tony and SJ's this afternoon, to collect my things that I had left behind while travelling around the country. They are departing 34 Old Canterbury Road this weekend, so the rooms are piled with boxes, furniture is moved out and around and there is a quieter, cleaner air to things. It's kind of sad, too--all my belongings in one box, my old queen-sized bed taken apart with the mattress leaning on the wall out in the hallway.

No matter. This is the way things go. Today I ate a 5$ sushi box down at Circular Quay, with a view of the opera house in the afternoon sun. Then I went into the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) with a mind to wander some more, and happened upon the reading room/library, filled to bursting with art books and journals. I sat down with all they had on Andy Goldsworthy and read and took notes til they closed. The old lady, Meg, who was librarian, happened to be from Hobart, and knew of Lorinna--"In the 70s, a lot of people from Melbourne, you know, kids, went there, it was the place for organic farms. Places called 'Blackberry Farm' and things. I'm sure they have kids now, grown up and all."

Tomorrow I will go back and do some more research, not for a paper or anything, just for me. I'm practicing being a university student. Commiserating with librarians, loving the way the light changes on the walls as you stay longer and longer...

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