Sunday, May 23, 2004

sick and twisted

What a time to get a cold. My throat is raspy and my tummy queasy, and I don't feel like eating or doing much else but lying in my bed, listening to Beth Orton and Jeff Buckley. Although, I suppose, there are worse times to be down with something.

Sydney is in autumn and I wear Sarah's newsboy cap and kick leaves on the sidewalk. I went to see "The Barbarian Invasions" yesterday and liked that I didn't need the subtitles (the film is made in Montreal) and that I could see Canada geese and Quebecois lakes. "Tabernacle!" swears a main character at one point, and the translation is "fuck!"

There is a lot to plan this last week, people to see 'one last time', places I want to go and see, packing to do. The city is lovely with its 4 million inhabitants constantly moving, talking, breathing, filling the streets and giving me something to look at, new faces all the time for my eyes and brain to take in briefly and try and spot nuances of character in a glance. After watching a film I'm particularly sensitive to this.

I'm making a list in my head: things I will miss about Sydney. I will post it on here when I go. So far it goes:

--how there are prawns [shrimp]in everything, if you want them
--falafel rolls at Fatima's, halvah at Hannibal's
--the train system, NOT

Needless to say, there are 4 million possible other entries.

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