Monday, January 5, 2004

the bird and the bag

Waiting to cross the Big Intersection in front of my house, something I do quite a bit of. Looked up into the grimy sky, hands in my pockets, passing the time. Up in the sky was a magpie (black with white marks on the underside of its wings) and a plastic bag that I thought at first was a kite. It was that faint green-blue that the Woolworths bags are. The bird was chasing it, first he nipped it with his beak but didn't catch it, and it kind of threw off his flight pattern for a bit, but he recovered and went after it again, and grabbed hold, and the wind making a sail out of the plastic made him fall swiftly towards the earth, but he let go and the bag sailed on, and he flew back the way he had come.

Today was a grubby day, humid and accentuating everyone's mistakes and flaws, but a good day anyway, and in spite of, and maybe because of.

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