Friday, January 2, 2004

just a lazy afternoon

We woke up at 6 am in order to watch World Idol. This I admitted with a degree of shame to my flatmate Lourda as she went to brush her teeth: "Oh, are you working today?" "No, uh..."

There's something bonding about watching World Idol with flatmates from Germany, Sweden, Ireland. Laughing at Alexander's green-and-purple dance shenanigans, gasping over mean judges. All agreeing that Kurt from Norway is going to win because he sure can sing and besides, the judges can't talk to him that way. Voting for Kurt. Watching as Kurt wins. Going back to bed.

All I've done today is write then mail some postcards, eat food, and walk to the library. (Which is air-conditioned, nice because it feels like 26 degrees out there, not too bad but still a bit hot). I also bought The Big Issue from a guy on the street, 3 bucks, 1.50 of which goes to him, pulling the coins from my sandy back pocket. (Sandy because last night our gang of three went down to the beach to watch shooting stars and planes coming in, and we did our share of rolling around.)

After the weekend I'm back to work, hard to believe the Christmas break went so fast and that I did so little. I mean, I did my fair share of sun-soaking, and I got sunburnt so now I'm sunshy. Its funny how many plans you can valiantly stuff into a fortnight yet to happen, and then see what actually goes on. Its nice, though, since when I get back to work it will be hot days 9 to 5, wishing for the weekend.

Bernie leaves soon, to go to Melbourne and then back to Ireland. What will we do without her?

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