Friday, December 26, 2003


Giraffes and bears and tropical birds and seals and orang-utans and chimps and gorillas and ... oh I'm out of breath! Four of us (Bernie, Stephanie, Jacky, myself) walked all over Taronga Zoo today, me in my new sandles. It was good, even when we lost one half of us, even when that rude guy at the cafe spilled his espresso on my foot.

Christmas was just lovely, I spent most of it in the pool, over at Sarah's. We had a wonderful dinner cooked up by Janet, her mum, finishing with Chocolate Creme surrounding by Orange-Soaked Lady Fingers and a couple of other equally rich desserts. Up above a sliver of moon rose and the temperature cooled to a nice mid-twenties. We went in the pool for the third time with the stars above us.

Ten days off--what to do? Hmm.. that beach over there looks nice. Oh and that one too!

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