Tuesday, December 23, 2003

the snowman in the sand

Last night Bernie (from Ireland), Jacky and I took the bus down to Bondi Beach. The sun had set, there were no clouds in the sky, and it was a still, deep blue with coral pink at the edges. We got off on the main road there (named Bondi Road, I wonder why) and smiled at firemen crossing our path. Then we walked down to the sand, I changed into shorts and then we all went down to where the surf was rolling in, looking ominous and deadly with the water a glossy green-black, the odd half-light of twilight illuminating the white crests.

I went in up to my knees and then sat down, then stood up and dodged waves with the girls. The stars slowly came out above us. Every now and then an airplane would appear as a very bright star in the northeast, then get bigger and fly overhead, towards the airport. Jacky built a heap of sand then gave it a smile and two eyes, and we decided we'd come down later and make another one and put a Santa hat on it.

I've been eating falafels lately, and washing them down with orange crush. This combination is surprisingly delicious.

Merry Christmas very soon, from upside down and tomorrow.

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