Monday, December 29, 2003

sunburnt nose, blistered feet=good day had

(This next post is for Eli, since I'm too frugal to spend more time online and write him an email. And yeah, Bell's grave is beautiful.)

Tony (Lucas, who met Claire about 6 years ago, and me too, though I don't remember this) got in touch with me the other day, and so today the four of us (Jacky, Tony, SJ and I) went for a 9K hike around the Spit to Manly Beach. Look this one up in the map folks, its gorgeous. And had Bundy and coke at the end of it, and then when we got home I took my glasses off and made Jacky jump--like a raccoon I am, that or a Spring skier at Whistler. Yup, goggle tan, only without goggles, just silly old glasses.

NYE or New Year's Eve here in Sydney is supposed to be lovely, they have fireworks at both 9 and midnight. I think we'll catch them both. Then maybe to end the week we'll go up the coast an hour to Terrigal, to Chook's beach house. I'm good at that whole houseguest thing.

Summer is heating up, the air is full of frangipani, life is good.

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