Wednesday, November 5, 2003

stitch these together, would ya?

I took a walk to the mailbox today, after my usual morning's worth of stuff (attending to Mum, doing stretches, wondering what order to do everything in and getting frustrated), and found the brisk air of November and the sight of bare grey branches quite refreshing.

Now I have 8 days until I get on a plane and leave this continent for the first time in my life. I'm on here looking up schools to go to; I want to take psychology and it really doesn't matter too much to me where I go, as long as it is a good school that wants to give me money. Any deans or registrars out there reading this? Dang....

It is lovely to see the sun rise in Whistler again, and see the little snowmakers making snow on Blackcomb mountain. This time last year I had been in Whistler one day. Thinking I might actually learn to snowboard!

This is Joey Comeau, who wrote a great story called "The Girl Who Couldn't Come", that I saw at the Zine Fair when I was in Halifax. He liked Katherine's MIT hoodie so much that he bartered a comic book for it, and she agreed. Then he wrote about it on his live journal.

I have a cold coming on. I woke up today with that awful stuck-to-the-bed feeling that I get when I wake up with a stuffed nose. I rolled on to my side to try and clear the sinuses. It worked.

Trust me, in 8 days these posts will get a lot more interesting.

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