Monday, November 3, 2003

eggs benedict forever

"You’ve been told again and again to avoid those seven deadly sins: lust, anger, pride, sloth, envy, gluttony, and greed .... what if there were seven other sins that you really should be dodging? [This book] unmasks the seven so-much-deadlier sins: emotional masochism, guilt, fear, repression of self-expression, need for speed, worry, and apathy. These are the real spirit-killers; invite these into your life and you’re guaranteed to have enjoyment problems. So what to do? Be lustful, be joyful. Be greedy, be happy."

Back home now. Halifax was grand. And money will be OK. I leave for Australia in ten days... I feel like a nervous bride crossed with an unprepared cub scout crossed with a monk who's been wearing his robe for just a week.

I think when I am in Australia (depending on access to email, etc) I will mass-email first and write on here second. Of course, now we need to add Leah's All-Purpose Disclaimer: "but who really knows! We'll just see..." Apparently not only do we become our mothers, but our fathers as well. That was always my biggest pet peeve about Dad when I was a kid: any plans, any request to make plans, was met with a "We'll see!"

List of Things that Make Me Feel Decadent*:
--eggs benedict with smoked salmon for breakfast (with coffee with cream in it)
--having my toenails painted and my feet pretty
--reading the whole paper
--clean, curly hair

*Not all-inclusive.
What about you?

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