Friday, October 31, 2003

in halifax, II: with coffee

So. I just went and spent some money on a backpack, somewhere around $178 of my hard-earned dollars. I tried on packs in three stores yesterday, most likely annoying all the clerks who had to deal with me and show me which straps to tighten, and got very sore feet for my efforts. (I'm used to walking on dirt roads, not this pavement nonsense.) And then I decided "Enough of this!" and went for supper at the home of my step-sister*, and went back again today to look at the promising ones. And picked out a Tatonka Apex 60 and paid for it and took it home. Now it sits, empty, flattened, on top of my pile of stuff in Jess's room. Just wait, little pack! Soon you will rise to glory...

*Not her real relation. The real relation might be too confusing. She is actually my step-sister's step-sister, or my Dad's best friend's step-daughter. We're all family, we've decided, and if one of us wins the lotto, we'll all get some of it.

Halifax has been lovely so far. As I mentioned earlier, there has been a storm (there was a window open by the bed I was sleeping in, and the wind and then rain, and yes, the double macchiato I'd had earlier, kept me up); and fun (of many different categories); and some breakfast. Three, in fact: buckwheat crepes and coffee, an omelette and coffee, and pancakes and coffee today with Andrea.

Tonight is Halloween night! And I don't know what will happen, but there are many options, this being a fun-loving party town filled with college kids and sailors. And then there's the Indie Label and Zine Fair tomorrow, with The Reason playing, who are supposed to be good. And while I don't think I'll be spending any money at all until I land on Oz, I intend to continue bumping happily around Hali until Sunday morning, seeing friends and enjoying that intangible, proverbial, wonderful moment.

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