Sunday, September 4, 2011

this sunday rocks

A day, it could have been any day this summer. And I could look up what day it was if I really wanted to - I label my photos by the day they were taken - but it doesn't really matter, does it?

It was a hot day. And I was craving lemonade ever since I had some at this cafe in Sackville - I think it's the Bridge St. Cafe - and it was so fresh and lemony. So I bought lemons. Made a simple syrup (funny, right now the Feist song "Simple Story" is playing, I love synchronicity). Squeezed a lot of lemons. Wasn't following a recipe or anything. Turns out I made it a little more lemony and a little sweeter than I probably should have. Oh well.

And Adam and I were making supper, so the bread is waiting to go in the oven. It has garlic butter spread inside of it. Yum.

And the shoes, chair, door, hallway pic at the top is just the entranceway at his house. A house that has become a home for me, of a kind. I spend nearly every weekend here with him and his family. I'm getting more comfortable, I noticed. This morning as we made breakfast I did some random yoga poses, sang a bit to myself and joked in a fake Italian accent, all things I really only do at home. With people I'm totally comfortable with.

Oh who am I kidding, I do that all the time. But, you get my point.

I hope, anyway.

Off to do some thrift shopping. I'm excited for this! My favorite bloggers of late are into showing off clothes and most of them are vintage or thrifted. I haven't been able to get shopping at all this summer and now I can, so I'm pumped. OOH, pushing through racks of clothes! Trying on random stuff! Thinking, "How can I make this work?" Getting stuff for cheap! It really is the best.

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