Sunday, September 11, 2011

i love...

... library books in a big stack all over the floor. Letting them be in a mess because I'm home and I can.

... stop-light yellow and green zucchinis, fresh from the garden. Mum bringing them in to show me. "Look at these!" she says excitedly. Also I love being enough of an adult now to appreciate them, appreciate her. Not snub her just to snub her, just to define a boundary.

... days off that I spend at home - realizing how much time I spend away from home, and how darn much I missed being in my own house. Letting my belly hang out. Reading for hours in my bed. I also realize how much time I spend working (especially now with two nights a week waitressing, that I just started last week), so I'm letting myself do whatever I want on my time off. It's precious. Got to treat it that way.

... being a big ol' goofball. It's the best. Laughing and making silly noises whenever I like. Sure, I seem like a weirdo. OK, I am a weirdo. But it's free and it's freeing.

... yoga making me tighter, stronger, taller. Yes taller! I swear I've grown an inch or two. At least, it feels that way. I've been more aware of my core than ever. I'm able to straighten up the slight curve that's always been in my lower back. Stand taller. Straighten my shoulders. Feel strength in parts of me that have never felt strong. That's freeing, too.

... you!

... local food adventures like Alicia over at I'll be blogging about my meal with her, soon.

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