Tuesday, August 23, 2011

merci beaucoup

Summer already feels like it's winding down. The air is cool at night and people are talking about their plans for September, that month when sweaters and jeans are actually fresh and exciting, that month of heading back (either to school or somewhere else), of harvesting the veggies and getting ready to put things "to bed", of big honking issues of Vogue. (Think I might just indulge in some of that this month.)

This summer has been amazing. Resonating. Liberating. I meant to do a scrapbook of it, of memorabilia, photos and wedding programs and nail polish colors, and I even bought a rad little book from Elise, and started it,  but haven't yet finished it. That's probably OK. Maybe I'll do that over the fall.

I can't explain it other than - changes. Sometimes they're huge and smack you down, like depression or job loss or death or break-ups. And then sometimes they come along subtle like this, and you realize that you're changing. The way you see light. The way you do your hair. The friends you keep company with. Life excites you even more, with newness and learning. Nothing really big on the outside has changed but it feels like little by little you've replaced every cell in your body. You're still you but it's like you've shed a skin and the fresh stuff underneath is showing.

Merci beaucoup to this summer that was so short but yet so full.

Allo allo to a Fall of: plans, creating, new projects (to be shared soon!), to continuing to clean out the load of stuff I have, finding out what I want to keep, what I want to polish and restore and make new, what I want to donate and get rid of. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically too - I could stand to be less of a packrat.

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