Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the world gives us inspiration

Today: green leaves on trees, wet with last night's rain.

The old cat meows incessantly, trained to expect food every time she does. We try to love her anyway.

I don't work until 10 am, which feels like a holiday. (Except, I'll be there until 8 tonight. Oh well.) In the meantime, I sit on the couch and waste time (or is it wasted? The great debate) looking at blogs and stuff.

New blogs I am loving: A Beautiful Mess (girl in Missouri). Here's Looking at Me Kid (girl in Ohio). Sappy Apple (girl in Alberta, maybe). SouleMama (girl I'm not sure where).

What I'm loving about them: fashion, made up by beautiful, talented but down-to-earth people. Creativity. Real life, made special by photographing it and documenting it. They inspire me to try new things (like paint my nails, which I did for Canada Day, and which I actually really like.)

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