Friday, June 24, 2011

friendsday wednesday

When you live here, you realize there aren't a lot of young folk around. You have to make an effort to get a gang together.

Somehow or other, though, we've managed it. It's called Friendsday Wednesday and it started six weeks ago, by accident and luck. A friend said "Let's get together for dinner. What night works for you this week?" I said, "Wednesday." She said, "Invite other young people you know," and we were too lazy to get it together to cook a real meal, so we all just brought ingredients. We cooked together and talked and laughed, and then ate together. Then we said, "Let's do it again next week!"

We rove - we change locations each week. This past week we were up in North River. These pictures are from that dinner.

Other than that - things are good. Busy! Work is getting busier - boats being launched, people planning their summer and making reservations to come in to a mooring or a dock.I still do my yoga two nights a week (and love it!). I spend weekends with the boyfriend, for the most part.

Oh and! We had a sunny day, the other day! Shadows have become strangers - I welcomed them back.

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