Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sunshine, you are my sunshine

"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone..." has been stuck in my head lately. We've been covered in clouds and fog for at least two weeks now - although, today, almost as if Mama Nature heard me bitching mightily yesterday about how sick I am of the rain and cold, the sun is poking through. (I like to imagine the sun as a person who is up there actually poking her fingers through these obstinate clouds. Determined.)

"Only clouds when she's away..."

I read this article on Saturday (sitting in a cafe in Sydney, drinking and eating and taking an hour to myself, which was just lovely) and it really struck a chord with me. I haven't been getting enough sleep. Worse, I really undervalue my sleep. I know it's really important, but for some reason everything else always seems more important. And that's not right.

Because the other stuff - going on Facebook and reading what "everyone else" is up to, or going on Pinterest and zoning out while scanning interesting photos, or even doing the dishes - really isn't worth skipping out on sleep. Precious sleep that helps my brain repair itself, my body clean out toxins, my sense of balance return.

This week I've been inspired, therefore, to shut the computer down at 9 pm. To sit and stare off into space. To go to bed at an earlier time, and to not worry about the stuff that does not get done. It's like I've just had it with being stressed about anything, and I just don't want to give stress free rent in my head anymore.

Maybe that's how the sun feels about the clouds.

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