Friday, May 27, 2011

the merry, foggy month of may

The merry, foggy, busy month of May is almost over.

It saw me on the road a lot. I finished house-sitting for one friend and was home for a week (or maybe longer, but it flew by), then went off to another house-sit. Working every day, and so driving a lot. And my boyfriend lives an hour away, so no matter what, weekends involve some driving, either him or me. Sometimes both if we've got a lot planned.

Here are pictures gleaned from the last month. I made this bracelet that is DIY and pretty simple - it just requires cotton twine and #6 hex nuts. Animals from the house-sit - chickens, cat, dog. Old bracelets from a female relative on my Mum's side. Daffodils and hibiscus. Fog and more fog. (It's starting to get sunnier and warmer now, but for weeks there it was nothing but cold and rain. And the blessed fog.) Boyfriend's guitar case - I liked how the strings impressed into the soft material covering the inside of the case lid. New shoes - that I want to wear everywhere, sparkly little silver leather flats. And a sandwich I made somewhere in there at 6:30 am (an hour I've been seeing far too much of and don't plan to see at all this weekend, oh yeah), that featured fresh dandelion greens. YUM SPRING. Bring it on.

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