Friday, April 22, 2011

night magic

New York City by night. Lincoln Center after the opera, then scenes from walking from the 14th St Subway station back to my hotel. With a stop on the way for street falafel. Nothing effing better, when you're hungry and a little high off the stellar day you've just had, than hoeing down on a warm and delicious falafel roll with some creamy sauce and lettuce and tomato. Oh baby. I can't live in a city, I'm pretty sure of that, but I certainly like roaming around in them for short periods of time. Soaking them up.

Also, today is my birthday. Happy twenty-seventh, to me! So far it's a good day. A bit of new snow (yep, that's Cape Breton spring for you). Fed the chickens. Ate porridge. Made myself a playlist of some favorite songs and danced around. Read emails from friends (already! it's not even 9:30 am!) saying "Happy Birthday" and promising phone calls later.

And, tonight - a dinner party with 21 friends, with the theme of The Great Gatsby. Can you say, amazing? And no, I'm NOT the one cooking. Thank goodness. I'm leaving that up to professional chef George and his fabulous wife Cora-Lee. More on THAT later, no doubt.

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