Saturday, April 30, 2011

arias of love

I'm always torn between telling old or new stories. Meaning, do I write about something present and right-now, versus pictures of a few weeks ago that I wanted to share then, and still do? Since I only post once a week these days, this means that sometimes, like this week, I feel like whatever's going on right now gets pushed to the wayside, and not recorded. But, oh well. Such is life. Gotta let go of those expectations that I can somehow record every single moment of my life. THAT ain't happening!

So for today - tonight, actually - it's 9:30 pm - but who knows what time YOU'LL be reading this - I'm going back to Lincoln Center. One charmed Saturday afternoon in New York City.

"The Elixir of Love", or L'elisir d'amore, is the opera I went to see.

Dinner in a fancy restaurant, Lincoln. It happened on a whim and it was delicious. Worth the money, for the memories alone.

I sat in the very front row. I could see the orchestra members tuning up. Checking their cell phones and texting when they weren't actually playing (well, only one of the percussionists, who only sporadically had to deliver a big crash of cymbals, and he was off in the corner where only a few people could see him).

Let me tell you - in person, opera is totally different than listening to a recording. It isn't just high-pitched singing that's impossible to understand. It's alive, passionate, being projected from a human's throat, and you're seeing their movements too. It's a play, a musical, with gorgeous arias taking your ears for a ride. It thrilled me. It brought magic into the theatre and we were all transfixed.

Oh New York. I'm glad I'm home, but I'm oh so glad I went.

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