Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"in sails"

Boat show scenes. Some of these shots are on the Facebook album, some are "outtakes" that didn't make it to the final album. (And one, the table with all the Elvis photos - is not from the boat show at all, but is from when I was in Halifax and I went out to eat with some friends.) I'm not going to describe them, actually, because (a) I'm pressed for time and (b) who wants to scroll up and back, up and back, to read the descriptions and look at the photos? Not me, anyway.

And since the boat show, I've been to PEI on a short road trip/long weekend, and now am back in the thick of things at work, busy and happy.

Since the last two weeks have been so busy and so filled with travel and new experiences, it's gotten me to thinking about how there IS no way to capture it ALL. I want to, certainly. I think we all do, to some degree - we yearn to take all the pictures we possibly can, to really touch and really see all the new things we're seeing, when we travel. Or just in general, when not travelling, too: to write down all the great quotes we hear that really mean something to us, or remember perfectly all the hugs and glances and smiles we receive and give in a day. In other words, to soak up like a sponge all that life gives us - and it really gives us a lot! Especially when you try and actively see ALL of life - all the little things, too - as a gift. The sun on the floor at 2:30 pm. The way the edge of the bulletin board makes such a nice angle. The way people show each other love in simple things like laughing at each others' jokes.

But there is no way to do that. That's what I struggle with - and sometimes, just accept.

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