Thursday, December 16, 2010

comfort and joy

This is an ornament that my grandmother sent us in the mail. Mum hung it on the banister by the stairs, next to the only Christmas lights we have up so far (and possibly the only ones we WILL have - it seems we're all too busy and/or burned out to get the whole "tree" thing happening). I really like the way it reflects the lights. And I like this shot above, even though it's blurry. Maybe even because it's blurry. Life's not perfect. It's far from it. It's messy and hard and uncontrollable. Yet here we are.

Also, after spending a few minutes photographing it last night, I realized it looks a bit like an angel - the rays coming out from the candle like the wings.

There was a huge rain-and-wind storm earlier this week. The middle of the country got a dump of snow, and we got a dump of rain, and winds about as strong as when Hurricane Earl blew through in September. The power went out and so Tuesday morning I got to make my breakfast by the light of a kerosene lamp.

This is the pot of oatmeal simmering away on the propane stove. That blue light, so comforting.

Another day - it may have been Sunday - I was outside. Taking pictures of the birdfeeder. I stood still long enough that the birds starting coming around me. THRUP. THRUP. The constant "thrupping" of their wings as they moved from branch to branch, getting ever closer to the bird feeder and to me, was so loud! I felt surrounded by the birds, the sound of them moving, their little chirps and "chick-a-dee-dee"s. None of the pictures were amazing, crystal-clear or centered, but I liked this one. Lifting off the branch, flying.

I love a light dusting of snow.

This was my car this morning - the frost patterns on the roof. So beautiful. It would take a person so long to draw something this intricate, yet it just happened. Water meets cold.

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