Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4 four-letter words

"Baddeck Marine, good morning?" "Baddeck Marine, hello, how can I help you?" "Baddeck Marine, hi!"

This is the front desk, behind which you can usually find me. (Photos taken with my colleague's camera. My own camera is still broken. Which makes sense considering I haven't had any time to take it to the camera store an hour's drive away. Yeesh!)

This is one of the views from our docks. I come out here to get a breath of fresh air and this view. The black-hulled boat mid-background is the Amoeba on her dock - John Bryson and his crew take people out on tours on this beautiful vessel. Quite a treat!

We're open for business!
AND check this out: the webcam is up and running!

You can see in live action the dock out front and Kidston Island behind it. Pretty sweet! Especially with Regatta Week coming up next week - you can even see the Sail Past through this webcam! Sunday, August 1, in the afternoon.
4 four-letter words: I came up with this idea over my porridge this morning. It's a quick and dirty way to fill you in on how I am this week. The words are: rock, wish, love, read. (They could be any four-letter words. There are lots of candidates. But these are the ones I've quickly chosen tonight.)
  • I rock: the front desk. The phone. The computer and ordering parts (most of the time). My socks off when I'm driving home or to the beach - Fat Freddy's Drop, all summer long. (No, seriously - I'm too lazy to change the tape in the tape deck, and it just somehow seems to fit pretty much every mood I have. It's chilled out, it's amped up, it's happy, it's sad, it's soulful. Mmm hmm.)
  • I wish: I had more sleep. I had more time off. Summer was longer. I could see some of my dear girlfriends who don't live here. I wish that the world wasn't such a frigging crazy place sometimes. I wish that I could eat all the ice cream I wanted and not gain any weight, because I really, really, REALLY love ice cream (and I've been eating a lot of it. I don't actually think I've gained any weight, though, not yet anyway.) I wish that I didn't care whether I gained weight or not (I'm working on that). I wish I had my own little house on a big plot of land in the country, but I suppose that will come someday. I wish I had all the money I wanted - although I probably have all the money that I need.
  • I love: this place, oh my goodness do I ever. Even with the tourists stopping in the middle of the road to point at things and hold up traffic, it's a pretty fabulous place. The lake, the ocean, the sky full of marvellous clouds, the woods and rivers, the old farms. I'm head over heels.
  • I read: Hamlet - which I've never read and figured it was high-time I did. (Actually, I'm still in the middle of it. Consider the word "read" as a present-tense word.) I also read part numbers, dozens upon dozens of them. 3576474F6, 331-22, 934D-223. And many more like them. Each part has a number, for whatever company makes it. Then it has a number within our system. Every engine has a serial number, a number of horsepower, a model number. I read these off over the phone to people in Parts Departments across the country for Mercury, Volvo, Stright-McKay, and others. I look at the part numbers on orders and invoices and match them to part numbers on the actual parts.
What do you rock, wish, love, read?

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