Friday, June 19, 2009

crazy life

Time is flying. Since last week, I've been "on" - I began my summer job, which is full-time, and looks to be both busy and enriching. I'm a Youth Intern Coordinator for VCCAPS, and I'll be travelling around the county to advise and supervise the youth interns on their work. There is a lot of planning to do, and coordinating (hey - it's in my job title, fancy that!), but luckily I'm strong in those areas. So, bring it on!

It's also getting warm here, like summertime warm. And the garden is growing and crying out for us to weed it, water it, plant it, and tend to it. But watching the biomass multiply is very rewarding! It's also really nice to wear skirts and short-sleeved shirts, and sandals.

This past week, for work, I travelled to Truro to attend a conference. It was a really good experience and I met some awesome folks. It was great to toss around ideas with people who do jobs like mine, around the province, and talk about how we want to use our time with these organizations to increase access in our communities to technology and to community resources. It felt good to connect with these people, too, because so often with my work I'm communicating over the Internet with my colleagues, and not often in person. It's ironic, but true, that even though we are living in the Internet-age, and even though we're working on projects that aim to increase technology in people's lives, we need this human-to-human contact. In fact, I think that because we're in such an age, and doing such work, we need it even MORE.

This weekend I plan to rent a car and go somewhere on the island where I have a friend who has a house. I'm not saying where - I don't want any Internet stalkers! But I'll be able to sit by the ocean, possibly see whales, and be all by myself, no Internet, no people, just the sound of the waves and the wind.

Here's to this crazy, delightful, busy and/but rewarding life. Also, happy Solstice!

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