Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I just wanted to make a few changes to the blog -- add a copyright notice, and perhaps a short bio of myself. I figured I'd play around with the template a bit, see what kind of a mess I could make.

Well, minutes turned into hours pretty quickly (I've noticed this happens a lot on the Internet) and before I knew it I was geekily reading source code for different weblogs I really like. Then I taught myself how to do two things that have always seemed so impossible (like reading The New Yorker if you're just learning your ABC's), and cool, which in hindsight were quite simple.

Thing #1: How to make titles appear over links when a reader runs the mouse over the link. To see what I mean, run your mouse over this next link, or try doing the same to some of the links in the tables to the left. The link is for the Syracuse Cultural Workers' catalog, which I visited today; click here to visit it yourself.

Thing #2: Footnotes! Now, most people that know me, at least on an academic basis, know my fondness for footnotes. These are a different kind but just as wonderful. Instead of sitting at the bottom of a page of written text, these pop up into little windows, when a reader clicks on the linked text. Marvellous!

So, I now know, thanks to reading source code, how to make footnotes, which I hadn't had a clue how to do before.

I'm guessing that my readers fall into three categories when it comes to my new discoveries about link titles and footnotes.
  1. People who already know how to do these things and are mildly amused with my naivety.
  2. People who don't know how to do this either but frankly don't care, or don't need to care.
  3. People who blog and also want to know how to do this.
If you fall into the third category, just read the source code for this page, and mess about with your template, and you should have it. If not, we can communicate.

Now I think it's time to leave my computer and step back into the "real world" for some cooking. One of the cats has been hovering around, meowing, as if to say just that.

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