Wednesday, January 10, 2007

on getting on with things

Well, that last post has been up long enough, I think, and even though I haven't got a fantastic one to take its place, this one will have to do.

So it's 2007! My dad says he likes the sound of it better than "2006", and part of me agrees. There's something aesthetically pleasing about 7 that you just don't get with 6. 6 is fair, it's balanced, it's divisible by nearly everything, so you'd think it'd be more likeable, whereas 7 is a little more bad-ass, and to quote Stevie Wonder, "very superstitious". However, when it comes to the year, there's a zingy ring to 7 that pleases the ear. Hard to explain, and highly subjective.

My transition into the new year was a lot of fun, although I paid for that fun the next day by having a hangover that I couldn't quell even with my classic Club Sandwich with Fries Covered in Gravy (no culinary delights there). We partied in Sydney with some friends and made it to several different parties, not really sure where we were at times or whose house we were in (or whose Toblerone bar we were stealing), but that's all part of the fun. The next morning when I woke up there were five kittens to play with, which were the very same ones Kevin tried to eat the night previous. Cuddling with kittens (not eating them) on New Year's Day is a pretty awesome tradition I might just have to start.

And now I'm back in Fredericton, back to school, starting new classes for the semester and jumping back into planning the Film Festival with the rest of "Boost Your Eco!" (Which I'll probably write more about as the weeks progress). The classes are all pretty righteous so far, one of my professors is kind of a mad scientist of Sociology, who mutters and rambles and waves his thin arms and quotes Albert Einstein and trembles a little. Another professor is like a very kindly grandfather who likes to tell us stories about Statistics, and who, when he is taking attendance, says a soft "um" before every person's name, like he is considering whether to offer them tea or juice.

I also like how the further I go into my degree and the more Sociology I take, the more people are familiar to me in my classes; we develop a kind of comradeship. Of course there is the flip side of that, that certain people become infamous from other classes, but that's all par for the course, I suppose. (Pun not intended.)

It's easy for me to get all caught up in the schoolwork, in the readings and things due, and be stressed about it, but I think the most important thing for me to remember is that if you just do the thing, and put as much energy into it as you can at the moment, it will be done. And that's what I mean by getting on with things; like this post, for example.

What are you "getting on" with?

(You can also write about "getting it on" but please be aware that's an entirely different subject.)

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