Saturday, December 30, 2006


It seems to me that my regular hours and activities have gone missing!

I don't know quite where they went but I think I can attribute the disappearance to Christmas Break, which appears benevolent but is actually a thief in disguise, waiting until you least suspect it to sneak up and grab all schedules you were attached to, all activities which were the backbone of your day, and replace it with those you always wanted to do but never had time. This thief of course thinks you won't suspect, so bedazzled will you be by the sudden opportunity to lie around, watch old episodes of "Sex and the City" and eat lots of chocolate along with dill pickle rice crisps, but then after a few days--alright, let's be honest, more like a few weeks--you realize something is amiss. Something is afoot! Something is a...nother word for wrong. You can no longer reach the old schedules or rely on your body clock to get up at a certain time of day! The horror!

But Christmas Break is not to be feared. It goes away of its own accord, chased off by the bigger and badder Second Semester. Now there's a frightening creature! Trailing papers, schedules and commitments in its wake, it swiftly overpowers Christmas Break and its mamby-pamby thieving ability. Realizing the quick demise of the Christmas Break's reign of terror helps one to enjoy it while it lasts. The positive side is that someone--a birthday girl, in fact, a spring chicken who happens to be Dan's momma--just put a wineglass with Kahlua and milk in front of me, I've only been awake for 5 hours, and I've already walked in the park, climbed in a tree, and done a bit of reading for a paper due next month.

The only thing left to figure out is what to do for New Year's Eve. The last two Eves I spent on the couch due to illness, last year eating Kahlua ice cream and watching a Queen Latifah movie, and the one before that with Janice, who was also sick. This year there is no set party, although one might arise given time and gumption. And gumboots?

To quote Margaret Whiting, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?"

PS I also want to draw my readers' attention (at least, those who know, love or otherwise feel emotion towards one Kevin Lionais) to the latest and greatest link on the left, "Prove It Kevin!" As per Kevin himself, "Merry Crassmas." That is all.

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