Sunday, December 3, 2006

statistical analysis is sexy (if you're analyzing sexy statistics)

Because Wockerjabby and Maggie did being the Seduction Style quiz... I did it too. And no, if they jumped off a bridge, I wouldn't do that as well. Give me a little credit! I might be a so-called Libertine, but I have my limits. Yeesh. Also, Dan, remember that as far as I'm concerned there is only room on my hatrack for one hat, and your stylish and sweet hat is firmly ensconced there. Libertine label or no!

Also, if you --any of my readers, that is-- want to take this quiz and then tell me what you got, I'm interested. Actually, I'm more than interested, I'm going to record them so I can sell the information to your future lovers someday. I'm kidding...or am I? In either case, comment away!

Coming soon: the awards for the statistical analysis of the pie chart! I've bumped the deadline ahead one day, so you still have until midnight tonight to submit your entry. The categories at the moment are Most Intelligent, Most Crass, Best Overall and Best Entry Which Uses the Word "Gumboot". The panel of judges are Bernard Lord, Benoit Lapierre, and God.

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