Wednesday, July 26, 2006

soooo boring!

Man, cleaning out your Hotmail inbox (after months and months of building up emails) is a lot like taking a vacuum cleaner to a dirty floor (and a mop too!). Satisfying, necessary, a pain in the ass at the time but ultimately rewarding.

Actually, a lot of things can fit that description: a bikini wax, for one. Unfortunately my waxer is having health problems and won't be available for a little while, so I've purchased some Nair and am going to see how that goes.

Did you need proof that the blog-world can be very banal? Well, that last paragraph certainly gave it to you, even if you didn't.

This is a day off that I've purposely made mine only. No plans were made except to "be my own guest", Frances Mayes' phrase. I like that--attending to my own whims, delighting in my own company. John Mayer says, in a song off "Heavier Things": "I'm going to see / how boring I am," and that's exactly how I feel too. Sometimes these days are necessary.

When you're being boring-on-purpose, what is it you do?

Here's my list of the top five most fabulously boring things I do on days that are mine alone:

1. Lounge around, in the most comfortable, least stylish and/or flattering clothes I can find (i.e. PJ pants, big baggy tee shirts, trucker caps, etc.)

2. Make hard-boiled eggs and eat them with cheese and mayo. On toast.

3. Read books. Nothing is more boring than a person reading a book.

4. Stare out the window for long periods of time.

5. Clean out the email inbox/vacuum the floors/tidy things up.

5b. Finally catch up on everyone else's blogs.

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