Monday, July 24, 2006

small town blues... and reds, and purples, and greens

After two weeks spent in the Cape Breton countryside (a lovely place, and one that people travel from all over to experience a smidge of) I started to go a little batty. Trees are pleasant company only for so long. So today finds me in Baddeck, small town of about 1000 people in the wintertime, who knows how many in the summertime, but it has cafes, a high-speed CAP site, a drug store that sells glossy magazines, and cars that drive by enough to create a constant background murmer. It rains today too, so Mum and I had chowder and sandwiches and coffees at The Water's Edge, and now here I am with headphones on, BBC Radio in my ears, tapping away and responding to emails that have long lingered in the inbox. Yargh! I realize that this is how life is, but it still frustrates me that I can't always be in touch with my far-flung friendships.

My time on this Internet portal is running out, so I'll just say, I'm getting excited for the fall, for the cooler weather, for the Farmer's Market. But before that happens, there is Ohio to visit (in a week and a half), people to hang out with, and of course, more rivers to swim and dances to dance. Always more rivers to swim.

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