Saturday, July 1, 2006

"raising the jar and raisin' hell"

We are about to embark on the adventure of our lives. Jimmy Rankin has nothing on us.

"Some were born of true detail and some are purely fiction."

More to come. All I have to say is:






The evening went splendidly. I'd say Baddeck history was made. The club wasn't exactly happening when we went in, but we nursed our drinks, noted the DJ (who also works at the local Home Hardware), and said hello to fellow party-ers. A party Central meeting was opened and adjourned, and then when people started crowding in we got up to dance. Highlights of the evening:

1. The Mull River Shuffle--played twice.

2. The old couple who danced--and made out!--when many younger people weren't so bold. Here's to Jean MacKenzie and her man for showing us how it's done on the golden side of 60.

3. Dancing like a fool even though I'm starting to feel a little old. All these kids my brother's age! But then again, whatevs.

4. The ambiance: dirty floor, spilled drinks and broken bottles, shady drunk men, silly prep boys straight out of American Eagle who thought they were hot shit, and sort of were, if you consider Baddeck a big place... ah, how much do I love my hometown and its crazy, delightful festivities for the country's birthday.

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