Saturday, July 8, 2006

chillin and illin, north river style

One of the hardest things about life in the country is getting used to the pace, and not getting lonely or down when an evening comes along with no outdoor film, bar scene or BBQ to attend. Sometimes there isn't anything to do but take a walk through the field, read a book, or (heaven forbid) drink Gin and Tonics and chat.

Since Canada Day, the days are actually passing rather quickly, speaking of pace. At work, we have been trying to get a bunch of production out because of several things, one being Deanie is going to PEI for a bike trip this week, and won't be in to make stuff, and two being that our old kiln (Old Not-so-faithful) hasn't been so great and we need stock on the shelves. So that's been a bit of a rush, because pottery is not like, oh, say, silver or wood-working, and has many stages which often need to be done in a certain amount of time before things dry, or what have you. Add to this the timing necessary in the cleaning and re-arranging of the adjoining apartment for our weekly renters, plus customers that come in and need to be attended to and explained to, and you have lots of stuff on the go. Plus life is always interesting at Shape Shift (or, you could say, "Shift happens"), like today when we realized the renters we thought were coming tomorrow at 4 were actually arriving that very afternoon at 4! Uh oh.. break out the Febreeze.

So work is good. I'm making stuff, having stuff come out of the kiln, having stuff sell, which is really validating. Also, there are people around to hang out with, for instance I went to dinner at Carol K's last week with 8 others, which was a fantastic thing, not having to cook and relaxing on her deck overlooking the bay and the sunset, gin and tonic in hand.

Tonight there is a square dance! It will be in the hall, which is right next to door to my pottery shop, which is (coincidentally) right across the river from where I live. I'm going to kick up my heels and learn some square sets.

Oh yeah, and there are 5 kittens that live next door and hang out here. They are grey and really cute. Life is good.

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