Monday, May 1, 2006

what I've been up to...

...not a whole lot!

No, that's not true. But I've been slowing down a lot since school, and it feels so nice.

I've been hanging out at Mum's, where the weather has been lovely, though a bit chilly. Spring is here, daffodils and daphne are blooming, and the grass is coming up. There are all sorts of birds around, Mum feeds them with peanuts and seeds. We see sparrows, grackles, crows, and other little ones I don't know the names of. I also went with Catriona on a bike ride into the creepy Plaister Mines area (old roads go through the woods, and it's perfectly safe, but you do feel a little shivery out there where there used to be gypsum mines) and we biked all around, even out along the Bay, and saw Canada Geese who snubbed us. ("Did you see the HAT on that one?" Catriona intoned as one goose seemed to look down her beak at us, paddling away.)

I also hung out with my Dad last night and a few friends (including Shannon, whose LJ is on my links list there on the left, and including her 5-year-old son Raine, who is unbelievably dear) and we went for dinner at a restaurant on the nearby reserve, Waycobah, called The Clean Wave. They have a great view of the Bras D'or lake and surrounding low mountains, and the food is tasty and relatively inexpensive. The seafood chowder is, as they say, "famous". All in all, a good time.

Time's a passing. Tomorrow Einar arrives for some hanging out and checking out of his property up in North River, and soon after we'll head south to New Hampshire. I can't wait.

Well, the weather's lovely and I still have to do my taxes. Should I give them the old college try, or should I dip into some of that university-grade procrastination? Dunno yet. I am loving being home, in any case. It's always good to have a break.

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