Tuesday, April 25, 2006

i have a temperature--spring fever, baby!

I'm back at home, my mother's house in Cape Breton. We drove here yesterday, stopping in Amherst to shop at the Frenchy's there (scored a hot pink halter top, a workout top and a tee shirt for getting muddy in the pottery shop) and to eat at Cinder's, our favorite diner. We also paused in Antigonish to have tea with a dear friend, a woman who used to run a tofu business and now works at St. FX's library. I do love road trips with Mum, we play lots of girly music (The Be Good Tanyas, Lauryn Hill, Colin James because he is so hot) and stop at Tim Hortons, and have giggle fits. But now we're back and I'm (mostly) settled back in to the quieter Cape Breton landscape. Mum had a little smidge of a party for me, inviting over my friend Catriona for cake and champagne and pressies, this evening, which was quite nice. (Yes, not only do I get one champagne birthday, but two!)

Home is, as Jan said, "a little piece of alright." At least, I think that's what Janice said, the chambers is going to my head. There are four lovely snuggly cats, loads of DVDs, all my new clothes, long dirt roads for wandering, a long-distance phone plan for keeping in touch with the outside world, and of course all the local gossip for the real entertainment. The spring weather Fredericton was having hasn't really kicked in here, but some flowers are up and the grass is growing. Now if only we could get some sunshine!

Plans for the near future: heading to New Hampshire for a brief visit, after all. Then to New York/New Jersey to see my wonderful Granny and Grandpa, and relations there. And of course traipse around the city of New York, where my friend Sarah Cashman (the Australian girl I stayed with when I was there, whom I had met in Whistler, BC) recommends I visit "Balthazar's". I think it's a restaurant. I have no idea what it is, actually. But I'll keep you all posted.

Huzzah for spring and its freedoms! What does spring make you want to do? What are the symptoms of your spring fever?

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