Sunday, April 9, 2006

mizz lizz and may trips

What a sassy lady that Lizz Wright is. Just look at her! Better yet, listen to her. The other day at the library I took her CD out on a whim, having never heard her but convinced by the cover that I would enjoy the music. (I've learned to trust in the pattern of sassy black ladies with songs titled along the lines of "A Taste of Honey" or "I'm Confessin'"; see other favorite artists such as Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, India Arie, Angie Stone, and even little white Joss Stone.) And I'm not disappointed.

This pic also represents, in a way, how I am these days. School is coming to a close, and I'm heading home to Cape Breton soon. I'm also planning a trip in May, to travel around parts of the US with an old friend, which is either a crazy decision made on a whim which I'll regret, or my subconscious being wiser than I think. Judging by how my life has gone so far, I have rarely regretted decisions of any sort, since some sort of lesson comes from them. So, we shall see what we shall see. Still, I feel a bit like Ms. Lizz in this photo: standing by the side of the proverbial road, in a sassy dress (well, at least, new sassy glasses) with my suitcase and an umbrella, but no raincoat or possessions other than that.

The weather is remaining beautiful and springlike. The rhubarb at the side of the house is starting to poke up out of the ground, tiny red and green fronds which will unfold through the summer into delicious sour stalks and leafy heads. All the trees in the city are budding out, preparing to make leaves. Maybe it's this weather that makes me feel like packing a bag and picking up an umbrella and taking off. Maybe it's school's structure that makes me hesitant; after all, I used to do this sort of thing a lot more, at least while I was travelling. In any case, I've made my decision and we'll see what comes of it. As I said to Christy, "I've got to have something to write in my autobiography when I'm 80!"

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