Friday, February 24, 2006

friday--fancy that

This was a fantastic Friday. Not only did I get up at 8, run through my morning quietly and easily, get to school early and read, go to all my classes and participate willingly, and have lunch with wonderful friends, but then I missed the bus and ended up sharing a cab with a STU prof, who further convinced me that my hatching plan to do Interdisciplinary Honors in Environment and Society is right on the money. After getting downtown with her, I did groceries at Victory, that bustling hub of food-selling, second only to the Boyce market for busy-ness and enjoyment by me, where I chatted with folks. Leaving Victory, I bought a card for a friend in Australia who just got married (I don't care what they might represent socially, I still love weddings), then met Tracy at the cafe, which was busy today. The girl behind the counter was visibly flustered, but we were relaxed and enjoyed watching the fat, soap-like snowflakes falling lazily outside while we waited for her to take our orders.

Once I got home, I made scalloped potatoes with onions, milk, butter, cheese, and spices, which I ate with a salad. While I was eating I baked a tray of cranberry-almond-coconut muffins, which I'll freeze and take to school one at a time over the next week or so. This is so I won't be tempted by Tim Hortons' muffins, which are not only not that good for you, but pricey to boot.

And I've even gotten work done this evening! Fancy that.

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