Wednesday, February 22, 2006

captain organic keeps an eye out for pollution

I don't know, sometimes I feel a little creepy putting my picture on the internet. I don't want no stalkers, y'all hear? Besides Benoit, of course.

This is "Captain Organic", my persona from the party last Friday night. If your intent is pure, check here for more pics of said night... ludicrous good superhero fun.

My back had the word "Vert" (cut from the toilet paper packaging) on it, along with "Sans danger pour l'environnment", and then underneath a green lightning bolt from bristol board. A bit of a last minute costume, yes, but smashing nonetheless. And I looked out for pollution all night long! Look at that eye...pollution don't stand a chance.

In other news: school continues. Most everyone is in a crunch period, yet we still all manage to chill and dress up like superheros--I mean, have a smile on our faces. In two weeks: a break! Laura is coming home with me to Cape Breton, where we will drink tea, be consumed by novels featuring kilt-wearing Scots and horse-riding cowboys, and play with cats. It will be heaven. In the meantime, more papers, more reading, and through it all a happiness and a contentment at being alive. Most of the time.

What can I say? It ain't easy being green.

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