Wednesday, January 11, 2006

yay for albert jones!

Albert Jones is the hero of the moment. Marlo's wallet was lost on the bus and he turned it in, in a little drama that just played out. Hurray for good people that are honest!

Lately I haven't been writing anything too interesting because nothing's hit me. School is interesting, and I have great conversations with lovely people on a regular basis, so I guess I get out my human need to communicate that way. I'm glad my cold is going and I'm no longer lonesome like I was last week. Mat is going soon to Ireland, so I talk to home fairly regularly. Getting lots of talking in before he's really far away.

I'm too lazy to make a real supper so I'm eating leftovers. Course 1: Re-heated hamburger soup with cheese. Course 2: Leftover potatoes, olive oil/balsamic vinegar/mustard vinaigrette, and chopped up feta cheese. Tentative course 3: Toast with peanut butter and honey, and decaf Earl Grey.

I'm too lazy to pick something to write about, so I'm going to present a list and let you pick.

--voting/the current election/Paul Martin's (not so) sexy mug.
--school and the work I'm doing
--Fredericton/current weather/downtown
--Benoit Lapierre's family tree
--something to do with New Year's and resolutions
--something else [insert your idea here]

If there aren't any suggestions, that's fine too. I'll continue on in my usual fashion, and write again when inspiration hits.

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