Monday, January 9, 2006

a weekend in the life

I'm in the computer lab at school, having come here early to print off a paper using my nearly-depleted computer lab credits. I have a few minutes before I've got to scoot off to my Sociology class at the top of George Martin, and so I felt like tapping out a few blog-words.

For starters, the weekend went well. I stayed in for the most part, wanting to give my body time to rest and kick this cold for once and for all. Maybe it's just that this cold is particularly tenacious, and maybe it's that my immune system isn't up to its usual tricks, but the cough and sniffles have been here far too long. I take Buckley's every day and also Vitamin C and echinacea, and get lots of sleep, but it lingers. Ah, well.

On Saturday, after sleeping in and puttering around, Marlo and I walked downtown in the sunshine. We went to the library, where we picked out CDs and books and videos. I bought myself some new hair clips from Shoppers Drug Mart; at the behest of my hair stylist, who told me elastics are evil last time I got a haircut. We also went to Aura and I got more of those delicious organic tomatoes (call me cliche, but you can taste the sunshine), some honey, and a container of ready-made butternut soup. We took the bus home, because I was feeling weak and woozy.

That evening, we put up some maps in our living room, for decoration. I'd brought some from home: A Traveller's Guide to the Alps, The Peoples of the Soviet Union (c. 1970), The British Isles, the subway system of NYC. Somehow the colors and all the squiggly lines make the living room feel a lot more like home.

I also visited Jan and the rest of the Reid Street gang on Saturday night; we drank tea and relaxed, talking about our breaks, semi-watching a movie. At midnight, when it was minus 15, I walked home along crunchy, icy sidewalks, and the moon and stars were clear in the sky. I don't feel afraid walking home along Kings College Road, somehow it just doesn't feel like the people around mean me harm.

Yesterday was a lazy, hang-out-in-the-house-all-day day, and I got reading done. Hurrah!

And today, there is snow falling. Enough to collect on the back of my bookbag as I'm walking to school, and on my red hat and multi-colored scarf, and also turn my cheeks the same shade of red as the hat. Which is to say, this color. Now it's twenty past, so I'm going to get myself across the courtyard, up three flights of stairs, and into my seat. It's time for a Michael Clow lecture! They are always exciting.

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