Wednesday, January 25, 2006

happy australia day!

Items of note:
[1] Tomorrow (the 26th) is Aussie Day. Huzzah for the land of Tim Tams! Let's celebrate by drinking shandies and mokkas.

[2] School I'm either tired, inexplicably bitchy, or PMSing. I'm voting/hoping for the latter. As I said to Claire today, I'm "simultaneously fed up and inspired, the usual."

[3]I did a big grocery shop yesterday (Michelle took me down in her car) and got things like a 3 L canister of olive oil, a 5$ bag of onions (a lot of onions, yo), cans of beans, chickpeas, tomato paste, tuna...all those things that I wait to get because I have to haul them home myself. Now I'm having fantasies of cooking up all kinds of neat new dishes, like eggplant Roumanian style or "Very Marinated Potatoes". Food makes me happy when a lot of other things seem rushed or busy or just uninspiring.

[4] I didn't know til today that Yasser Arafat died! Do I have my head in a hole? Gah...I want to start making more time for the CBC.

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