Friday, December 30, 2005

sickety boo

After weeks of relentless stalking, the Christmas Cold (H6 Virus #25) finally beat down my defenses and stormed the fort. It started with a sore throat, and I pumped myself full of vitamin C (one of Grandmaman's Christmas presents: she must have known!), and eradicated that particular symptom. Now I just feel like general crap: I smell like tiger balm (slathered liberally on upper chest) and am still wearing yesterday's pajamas, along with a hoodie and (for no real reason, except maybe morale) the felt hat I got from Mat. After I answer a few emails I'm going to put on a DVD. I hope to still be able to go to Sydney for New Year's (because sitting on my couch for the countdown might have been fun last year when I had Janice on the horn, but this year I think it would just be sad and lonesome), but I don't want to push myself too far. So I'm going to start convincing myself that as a contingency plan, videos and hot tea aren't such a bad thing. Right.

Last night we watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and it reminded me of when Sarah Cashman (Sozza Cazza) and I watched a DVD of Michel Gondry's other works, and there was a skit involving a guy who has the misfortune of befriending a giant poo, which followes him everywhere and wouldn't take a hint. Ah, Australia, I have evidence that you exist but can't at the moment physically prove it. Strange how memory works. Anyway, it's a good film, though I think I might be the last of my age group to watch it. "What are these young folk up to these days, anyway?" (I croak from my rocking chair.)

At least I feel cool in this felt hat. And if that's not true, well, there's no-one around to tell me otherwise. I'm beginning to see the upside of retirement.

Oh dear--I better get on the Vitamin C and echincaea, otherwise I might never leave the house.

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