Wednesday, December 21, 2005

on location: cape breton

Report from the field:

[*] Chrimbo party was a success, following in the tradition. The house was re-arranged and cleaned by Mat and I, then partied in thoroughly (leaving an incredible mess, which always makes me proud), then cleaned and re-arranged again. Highlights of the evening include all the delish food, talking to Will out west with Pete, yelling "HELLO!" whenever someone new came in the door, the living room dance party to Paul Simon and House of Pain (not at the same time--now there's a melange to imagine) and of course brekkie. But the beauty of these parties is that I'm only aware of about 1/4 of the action that goes on, so I've no doubt missed some memorable moments that occurred. Any additions to the list?

[*] I've been doing things. You know, shopping trips to Sydney with the fam, hikes in the snowy woods with me da, tea, sleeping in, trying out a new shampoo, preparing for Christmas. It almost seems like Christmas has already happened, because I got so excited for it in November. To think: only 4 more days!

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