Tuesday, December 13, 2005

christmas/december extravaganza!!! *

(my house on the 18th, when I'm having a fête)

*Well, OK. Maybe I just wrote extravaganza because the word sounds so festive! explosive! delightful! But there are three reasons why this is the "extravaganza" post, the only one I've had so far. And they are:

[ 1 ] This month marks the third year anniversary of huminbean! On December 18th, raise your glasses to the little blog that could. (Or at least thought it could. And that's half the fun.) If you're bored and want to reminisce, go looking back through the posts, and you'll find one of my first posts was an ode to my fridge. And they've only gotten weirder since then.

[ 2 ] I am all done my exams, am nearly packed, and ready to leave for St. John in the morning on an adventure to get home that avoids the bus. (St. John---Sackville---Cape Breton.) By the time I get home I'll be buzzed on Tim Horton's coffee, sick of road salt and the CBC, and ready to hold my cats and hug my family. Aww...

[ 3 ] and [ last ] reason: Christmas, of course! Whether or not you're Christian (which I'm not, specifically), or Jewish or agnostic and athiest or anti-consumerism or pro-consumerism, it's just a good time of year. Think of it--the darkest time of year, the dreariest (save for November or maybe March), and there are lights everywhere, dinners and wine, prezzies for those you love, and of course the Grinch on telly. Life is good.

Also, I'd like to say I quite like all the lists people have been contributing of thier five favorite simple pleasures. If you think of any more or want to add your own, keep it up. There's nothing most of us like better at Christmas than free joy!

Two more things before I go:

: : Christmas songs. You know you want to learn the lyrics to "Sleigh Ride" for once and for all. Now's your chance.

: : Who knew she was so funny? Actually, I did. In the category of sites that overuse Heath Ledger photos and reference pigeons and Eddie Izzard in the same sentence, this one takes the cake. Mm... cake.

Alright. Happy Chrimbo to all of you!!! The extravaganza officially begins... now.

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