Thursday, November 24, 2005

this is just to say...

...that it is snowing here, soft little flakes that powder everything including hair, tree trunks and sidewalks, and that I'm spending the day inside, getting a paper on Aristotle written. It is my least favorite out of all the ones I have to write, mostly because it feels like a vague topic given how little we Intro students really know about the guy. We're meant to write on the relationship between friendship and virtue, which really means write on what we've been taught in the lectures about friendship and virtue. That's OK, though, because I did get a fair bit out of the lectures. Last night my attempts at starting the essay were pretty rough, because I was tired and my thoughts were not lined up: it resulted in me playing a lot of Solitaire, and eating too many raisins and sunflower seeds, like a mad squirrel, avoiding the reality of the computer screen. But now I've had some sleep and some good coffee, and feel more focussed. Huzzah for focus!

Also, I am attempting to make beans from scratch. I'm following the directions in The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, and using white navy beans. So far they have boiled over twice because I was out of the room and inattentive, but this hasn't dampened my spirits. My goal: Baked Beans with Molasses. Tonight! If all goes well, I'm going to start doing more cooking with dried beans, because, though time-consuming, it is very frugal and they are really easy to store. Watch out, world of bean recipes: here I come!

In other news, my African Violets which sit on my windowsill are blooming. They are so pretty! I got them last year at the ACORN fair, after volunteering there, and they survived the summer in Cape Breton, and a re-pot. Now they are putting out as many leaves as the new pots will let them, and flowering. The left one is a deep purple, the middle one is a rich violet/blue, and the right one is a pretty pink. They look so tropical and lush against the scene out the window of a snowy backyard in the Maritimes.

Also, I registered for ENVS 3006. This means that next semester I am going to start studying, in depth and seriously, with a professor I really respect, a subject that has held my attention since I was a little girl, idolizing David Suzuki. I'm excited and scared, but mostly excited. Hoo ha!

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