Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Current Music: Common talking to Gilles Peterson on BBC Radio 1, streaming over Real Player. Talking about collaboration and how other people add to your creative work. Lots of examples of songs, beats and lyrics that make you want to dance, dance, dance!

Current Desktop Picture: See above. I found it somewhere on the Internet I no longer know, and think it is pretty. The color of the sky by the horizon is such a pearly watermelon!

Current Good News: I have made up my mind somewhat about my direction in university! I'm going to pursue a degree in English and Sociology, with a focus somehow in Environmental Studies. I feel so good about this! I went in to see Shauna Stennick (academic advisor) this afternoon and we talked about my prospects and options. Apparently I'm on the right track for this, and won't need to change too much this year. I've come to the point where I feel that, though my year and a half of trying things on for size was useful, I'm ready to settle down, as it were. Focus on something I'm passionate about and feel is relevant to my life. Woot!

Current Weather: Rain! Pouring down all around like ablutions. Everyone carries umbrellas or are soaking wet. Even the flat parts of the sidewalks are covered, form little lakes. On my way home I passed a man using a hose to wash leaves out of his driveway. I looked at him and he looked at me. "No-one said I was normal!" He said.

Current Clothes: Brown camisole, black zip-up hoodie, green and black knit skirt, bare feet.

Current Plans for The Week: Five papers to write, in: Gender Studies, Women Writers, Philosophy, Sociology, and English 2006. Choir tonight and Thursday. Gilmore Girls to be taped tonight. Lots of time to be writing and studying, and listening to tunes. Sleep!

Current Last Words:
"Don’t they know we’re all doomed?

This politeness disarms me: this grace, this lightness. The day is long but the hours fly by – the night and its terrors forgotten in a stream of greetings and departures. There is time for a chat, for a laugh, a renunciation of injustice, for a kiss on the cheek.

Maybe this is all we can do, after all."
--Martin Julien, www.openbrackets.com

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