Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"predominant colors were orange and yellow" -- items of late

  • Philosophy paper anxiety. (Banged out six pages yesterday which today I must finesse; was feeling that tension in the chest of "Oh god, I'm going to fail this paper and die a lonely death in the ditch!" Honestly though, I think it's going to be just fine. But yesterday anxiety had me in its cold, hard grip.)
  • General anxiety at school, plus what I believe to be the full moon, had me awake til 2 last night. I called Mum, fearing some sort of panic attack, and she said she was also wide awake. She consoled me and I calmed down, and slept 5 hours. I dreamt I was in Newfoundland, out on a pier made of really old rock, calling my cousins to come join me. A big storm cloud came up and ominous rain began falling, so I headed back to a cozy farmhouse where aunts and uncles were making tea and the predominant colors were orange and yellow.
  • The leaves are turning color! They are falling all over the streets and making them pretty! The wind is chilly, but wearing a scarf makes the day better!
  • I should take a nap now. I will write more when I've come out from under this midterm mountain.

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