Tuesday, October 11, 2005

back in town, here's to it

Well, here I am again! Back in Fredericton, tired, wrinkled, rumpled, happy.


-- My apartment smells a little funny. I think this is because I'm not used to it after spending four days away. It's sort of a basement-y smell. I hope I get used to it again.

--I miss a certain apartment in Ile Perrot, and a certain boy who loves road hockey and wine.

--We had lots of fun! I practiced my French. (I am going to do more of that so that when I go back to see him I can rattle off conversation with him and his friends instead of concentrating really hard on each word of a sentence.) We drank coffees in caf├ęs, wandered the streets of the city, watched films, cooked meals. For a semi-monastic student like myself, it was a retreat, a relief, and romantic. I want more.

--It is wet and rainy in the Maritimes. The trucks, cars and busses on the highway coming home last night/this morning alternatively inspired in me feelings of: happiness, contentment, sadness, despair, the feeling that life goes on (which can be good or bad), and then happiness again. Talking to my busmates, and thoughts had privately, made me realize: this is the year I'm really starting to embrace my emerging adulthood. There's lots more to talk about on this subject, but I think for now that's where I'll leave it.

--Listening to the Dixie Chicks this morning, looking at geese flying over damp New Brunswick fields, made things OK. I will be back with Seb soon. I am in school. I am a happy, young, woman. Here's to that.

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