Monday, September 26, 2005

how cute are these kittens, honestly

Mmmmm.... these kittens are at about the energy level I have right now. I know how terribly cliché it is to post cute kittens, but I don't do it every day and it is one of thsoe days where you wish you had kittens to hold. And the black one is licking the grey one's toe! Come on....


1. I am sick, even though I took many precautions to avoid the usual beginning-of-year throat-and-nose cold that runs rampant around campus, gleefully inhabiting young human bodies with abandon.
2. No doubt my immune system was dampened a little with the visit of The Boy (whose real name is Sébastien), but I take full responsibility for that. I enjoyed every minute and would not trade it for a full week of great health. !!!! : ) !!!!!
3. Lots of schoolwork which will be done in bed over a cup of tea, for the rest of the week. At least I really like reading, and writing, and all that school entails.

So that's why there's kittens up there. They come from this site, where more pictures of the same kittens can be found, and some of them are a little frightening, I warn you. Well, not so much frightening, but menacing. Hilariously menacing.

Alright. Off to take care of myself, which might involve soup. Enjoy your day! I'll be around in a little while.

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