Friday, July 1, 2005

red and white toenail polish

I have two days off for Canada Day and its aftermath, and I am so relieved. Relieved? You might ask, that's odd. Normally people say they are happy or excited. Not I! I am turning into a hermit, and I love it. I'm simply relieved to have some time off, time to myself. Also, time to catch up with the lovely Janice, who is in town for the festivities, and dance at the Fire Hall with the girls. This is the height of it, I tells ya!

Anyway. Mat took a bit of a spill on his bike last week, and it required stitches. Yikes! I tried to take care of him before realizing that a gaping wound probably needs to be looked at by a doctor. So I got a neighbour to drive us in to Baddeck (30 k), where he got taken care of properly. It was funny, my sympathetic character made my own knees hurt, just looking at his bloody ones.

Mum's garden is lush and wonderful. I've been away for six days, and it's crazy what blooms in six days--irises, lady's mantle, and everything else putting out leaves like mad. It is good to be home and pick up the cats, who love to be cuddled. Kathy's cats do not like to be cuddled, and they run away if you come near them. They are also quite overweight and do nothing but sleep and eat. So, Mum's four energetic, lovey cats are a treat.

Well, I've been up since six, I'm going to go do something interesting. Read, maybe. Or go for a walk. See if Jan is up to getting maple leaves painted on her cheeks with me at the waterfront, and watching the parade. There's nothing that makes me feel like I'm home more than getting ice cream and watching the Canada Day floats, gawking at tourists, and saying hello to those you know. Happy Canada Day!

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