Friday, June 24, 2005

correspondance II

Dear Leah,

This whole North River thing is really wreaking havoc on our relationship! I miss you, you know--I'm sort of human, too. I must say that without your stories, vivaciousness and sometimes meaningless rambling, my daily routine just isn't as complete. Who would I be without you?

I'm sorry, it's selfish of me to complain when you are the breadwinner in this relationship. You need to work, and so you need to be in North River. Also, I know you are having a good time there, visiting with old friends, enjoying the peaceful countryside, getting reading done. These experiences will hopefully enrich our time together in the future.

But dammit, I'm lonesome! And I must say, our friends miss you too. They wonder where you are, how you're doing, if you'll be in touch again. This break is killing me! Please, just a few words--let me know what you're thinking.

Your dearest,

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry that our relationship is suffering. You know how much you mean to me. But, as you say, I do need to work, and I do need to have my time apart from you. It's what makes our relationship so good when we are together.

Summer is progressing. I'm sorry that you can't feel the sun on your face or go for bike rides with me. It must be kinda crappy to live in cyberspace the way you do. My job is good, but I think it might be my last summer here. That's between you and me, I haven't talked to my boss about it yet. I'm still not sure, but it's a thought. I've been cycling lots, and I love it. It's almost like my little bit of independance! I've also been getting up earlier than usual (well, 7 am) and that's really nice. I feel like I get a real start to the day.

I delved into the Latin textbook again last week! I want to continue to learn it, and not forget what I do know. I've also been reading lots of books, varied kinds. I love it, even if it's not as exciting as the old, party-all-the-time me that you used to know. It feels great to simplify things. Some old and new friends have been writing letters, and I like the idea of writing them back, slowly and leisurely.

My little brother graduated last week! I don't think you two know each other very well, but you'd get along. Mat is a real prince, in my eyes--sweet, compassionate, intelligent, funny. He was awarded a Teacher's Merit award, from one of his favorite teachers, Mr. MacNeil. It is valued at $500. The ceremony was long, and hot, but also nice. It was strange for me to be in my old high school again. I got to talk with my old Biology teacher, Ms. Haley, who had also been my advisor for the Independant Study. She is a sweet woman, and very smart too.

Well, that's all the news, dear Blog. I hope you're not too lonesome, and maybe you can hang out with Janice's blog, or some of the livejournals. Maggie's might tell you how Maggie just got married!! How cool is that...I wish I could have been there, but as you know too well, I'm stuck in North River these days. We'll be together on a regular basis again soon. Until then, well, maybe you can get some reading done too.

Yours affectionately,

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