Friday, June 10, 2005

these kinds of things

Hello everyone!

Well, as that opening line should tell you, I'm doing well. I mean, there are always those things that get to you, but I am happy. Feeling rested, feeling better at giving myself the time I need.

What happened was: I went up to North River. I unpacked my food in the fridge and left my bags on my bed (the ultra comfortable bed in the little room that used to be Kathy's own, when she was a teenager growing up in that house, and that looks out over the mountain and the horse barn, and the morning sun) and got a ride down the Murray Road. I got to the kayak shop, where Claire had invited me for a lobster. A fresh lobster! This is one reason I gave up being vegetarian. It's not about my principles, I still (mostly) uphold those, eating close to home, eating organic. But a lobster! The ultimate in fresh, tasty, good for you eating.

So we boiled up some water, then put the little critters (crustaceans, arthropods, of we're being specific) in head-first (supposedly, the most humane way to kill them--gets the brain and nervous system first). Once they were red we all popped open a beer and then crack off the tails with our hands. Oh it was good!! Picking the meat out with your hands and one of the claws, getting juice and salty water all over everything, washing it back with beer. The sun was getting near to setting, and the river was wide and smooth as it flowed out to sea.

After this relaxing, grounding evening, I began work. So far, so good--it is a slow month, there aren't many tourists around spending money. But, no worries: I've glazed, wedged, cleaned, loaded the kiln, sold some pots, and now have started on scraping the woodshed, so I can paint it. There are always things to do. It is, of course, funny to return somewhere, comparing the way you were to the way you are now (and also, noticing what hasn't changed). But it is good to be back, hawking pots.

I've been, when I'm not working, reading a lot. The book I'm into these days is called "The Map of Love", by an Egyptian woman named Ahdaf Soueif, and it is fabulous. One of those books that just sucks you in, enraptures with a tale of love and danger and foriegn lands, yet also teaches. In this case, I'm learning about the height of the British Empire, Egypt past and present, and women's issues. Also a few little Arabic phrases. Like I said, fabulous!!

Also, I've been sleeping a lot. Which is easy to do when the window's open a little, and you can hear the peepers down in the river bottom, and a bit of a breeze, and nothing else. No cars, no airplanes, no nothing. Maybe the sound of grass growing.

I've also been watching a little bit of the Gilmore Girls, because, yes, there is a satellite dish at Kathy and Donald's. We watch Matchmaker too, and some of the designer shows, home reno, that kind of thing. This is in the evening, after we've all worked all day, and usually there's a spoonful of Nutella involved. It's Kathy's thing, and Donald teases her for it, but when it comes down to it, he gets into it just as much. Well, nearly as much.

So today I'm home at Mum's, and the sun shines. It is beautiful out there. They are threatening thundershowers tonight, though. I'm enjoying the time off. I think I need time working to really appreciate the time not working. Like most people, I think. So, no big ideas or rants in this post, just the news. I'm thinking about life in general a fair bit lately, and gardens, and cars and long distances. Letters, love, the sea, eagles. Coffee and suntans. That kind of thing. Love to you all, hope you're happy where you are, with what you're doing. Tell me what's been crossing your mind.

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